by Deborah S.

In October of 2013, our 14 year old border collie passed away. We were heartbroken. It was shortly after that I became aware of the story of three border collies who had been dumped in an area close to our cabin. I felt an immediate connection with one of the females.

“Soapy” was an underweight, extremely skittish girl who had suffered neglect and abuse which was evident in her extreme lack of trust and fear of everything. In Meg’s honor, I decided to foster Soapy having no idea how truly broken she was. I had my work cut out for me.

With much love, patience and tears, an unbreakable bond was formed. “Soapy” was renamed “Gem” for my girl Meg who had passed just weeks before. Gem took her cues from the pack consisting of three other border collies, all rescues. She began to understand not all humans were cruel and hurtful.

Two things became apparent in the weeks and months that followed. Firstly, Gem was a survivor who would beat the odds of ever becoming a loving, playful and trusting family member;
Secondly, Gem was sent to me by Meg, who was watching from Rainbow Bridge, to ease my aching heart. Quite simply, we needed each other. Gem had found her forever home.