by Tricia W.


Where do I begin….

It was a Saturday in April of 2013, the 13th I believe. I had finally decided to give fostering a try and filled out the application on the Hulls website- little did I know they had just taken on 7, 3 month old Husky cross pups.

Within 1 hour Nikki had been to my house for a home visit and by that night I knew I was getting Ocean the next day. Ocean looked so sad in his picture but had eyes that stole my heart from day 1 but I wouldn’t admit it.  My son Colton & I were so excited to be getting a puppy. I went the next day to pick him up and finally got him loaded and headed home– he howled all the way home in his kennel.

Once home he walked into the house, jumped on my son and then laid down and put his head on my son’s lap, all within 5 minutes of walking in.  I was determined from day 1 that we were just fostering. I watched his siblings get adopted but not a lot of takers for Ocean, and the ones that were, didn’t seem to be a fit. Ocean was so scared of all people other than my son & I, that getting him to meet anyone was out of the question—finally 6 weeks later, there was an application and very quickly I decided he was staying where he belonged, with us.

He his now 1.5 years old, stands tall with his long legs and weighs about 115 lbs, if not more.  He is still afraid of people and takes a long time to warm up to them but when he does he won’t leave your lap or your side. He loves his walks & the dog park where all his friends go. Ocean has a house full of siblings, 3 cats and now a new little sister Lily. He is quickly learning to be a gentle giant with her and loves her already.

We love him. His eyes stole my heart from Day 1 and filling out that Foster Application that day changed our lives furever!!!

All in all – due to Oceans fear of people I will always say “Ocean chose to trust & love my son and I from Day 1, so for the rest of his life we will give him the best because that is what he deserves.”