“Peekaboo & Nanuq”

We are proud Foster Failures

by Patricia T

It was end of June 2013 when I saw Sally Hull talking on CBC, asking for Foster Families after they had to take in 27 Border Collies. Tears were rolling down Sally’s face… I knew she was really desperate. So I talked to my husband that I think we should step in and take a Foster in. Next day I visited Sally and picked out “Peekaboo”, a very skinny, scared and shy tricolor girl.

After three days of fostering, my husband said: “How can you even think about giving her away again, she loves you already like crazy, not leaving your side at all…” Well, this is how we became Foster Failures, this is how Peekaboo became our dog #7.

But not enough with that, two weeks later we found out that Peekaboo was pregnant. On August 12, 2013 she gave birth to 9 beautiful puppies. They all found amazing homes and guess what…? We adopted one as well, Nanuq, one of the two unique blonde colored girls – how could we not!!