by Krista K.

Sesi had been sitting at WAS for a month before HHBCR spotted her. Originally thinking her a senior (turns out she was just over 6 years), this sad BC mix needed help.

I remember the day I went to pick her up after agreeing to foster her. She was “Kristy” back then, and wasn’t too interested in me, she just wanted out of there! Within a week in a home and an excellent day at the grooming spa, “Sesi” was born!

The weeks soon grew into months and we were all hooked on this “bossy broad”! Sesi’s nick name is “Bear Dog” so named because she does look like a bear from the back, well her bum really! I remember when my neighbour first met her. I was out in the yard with the dogs, talking to the neighbour over the fence when suddenly he went white as a sheet, his expression soon turned to relief when he blurted out “OMG I thought you had a bear in your yard!”