Sochi is my name … A Day To Remember … A Life To Forget

by Paula K.

September 6, 2014 at 10:36am
I will always remember Feb.15 , that was the day I was freed from my chain. The lady wanted me to get in her car and I was very scared … but there was bacon , lots of bacon. We drove to the doctors , she seemed pretty nice, but what happened after that … I never would have imagined !

We drove to a new house, and I was brought inside … it was very strange, and oh so nice, there was others there, and a man too . The lady had to leave for a long time to go to work , so I snuggled with the man . I peed on the walls and even a chair … the others all smelled it and I was so proud, it was some time later I learned, this wasn’t allowed . Me and the others were sent out in the yard, but always the door opened, and we went back inside. There were soft beds all over the place, and we all got to choose where we laid . I saw dishes for food and a pail with water … it scared me at first, I didn’t know if it was for me too, I only ate a little and barely had a sip .

I have gone for many car rides, through blizzards too, the lady says I ‘m brave … if only she knew. Alot of doctors have seen me now , I feel so much better and stronger with each passing day. I’ve fallen in love with my Mom and Dad , I have a sister and brothers too, and the little cousin is oh so quick, I would love to chase, but that look on her face !

I just had an operation, my Mom took me there, I gave her a kiss as she said good-bye . I wasn’t too scared cause she told me it would be okay . The first thing I did when I saw her again was give her a kiss to let her know she was right.

My life is so different now, a Mom a Dad that love me, a sister that wants all my food, a big brother that makes me nervous just because he is so proud but I’m learning he won’t hurt me, a door that opens BOTH ways , and my quick little cousin I would love to chase … but for that look on her face ! I am afraid of the garden hose, and don’t like motorcycles, of course my greatest fear is the thunder … but it’s a good thing we have a big family so we can all snuggle when that happens. I am so happy now … yup … this certainly is … A Life To Remember … and that chain … A Day To Forget !!! Sochi is my name … and I am HOME !