HHBCR Sponsorship Program

HHBCR has many dogs that are deemed “unadoptable” or “difficult adoptions” due to their health issues, or in some cases behavioural problems. These dogs, which are in forever foster homes, require ongoing care, mostly medical.

The Sponsorship Program allows those who cannot foster or adopt to assist in a very special way. You may opt to sponsor a special dog on a monthly basis, donating directly to medical costs, or even donate monthly for the cost of dog food.

If you would like to be an HHBCR Special Dog Sponsor, please contact us at fosters@hullshaven.org

Here are our dogs presently in need of sponsorship:

Delta Dawn

We would like to introduce you to Delta Dawn, another one of our forever fosters! Delta Dawn is such a sweet little lady whose life was terrible prior to her rescue. She came out of a terrible hoarding situation where there were over 45 dogs. She had patchy hair from flea dermatitis and nobody wanted her. All of the other rescues turned their backs on her. HHBCR took her in and she had 4 beautiful puppies. Sadly she was so frightened of everybody else that she never left her Foster home and has become a permanent Foster. Delta’s favorite pastime is herding all the other dogs, and playing with her new friend Opus, a puppy who uses a wheelchair to scoot around. She is sweet and gentle but also teaches him his boundaries. Delta would love to thank everyone who supports Hull’s Haven!


Requires annual exams, food, medications as needed (heartgard/nexgard seasonal)

Sponsorship: $25 per month although any amount helps!



Donations via Paypal:

Cheques or money orders,
please mail to:

Hull’s Haven Border Collie Rescue
(or HHBCR)
c/o 88 McAdam St
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 0A4

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It is now even easier to donate items from our wish list, by shopping on-line on our Amazon page and have the donations delivered right to our door!

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